My never-ending Travel Bucket list

Every traveller has one of these. A never-ending bucket list of places you want to travel to and explore. Ultimately I am happy to go anywhere a well priced flight could get me but here are a few off my travel bucket list.

My Travel Bucket List

Although I am open to any and all travel opportunities no matter where they would take me to, I still have a few select places that I hope to cross off my travel bucket list! My Europe wish-list is forever growing, so I tried to narrow it down to a few places. I’ve always felt a pull to the EU & UK!


I have always dreamed of going to Malta ever since I was young. My Grandfather was stationed with the Navy, while there my Mum was born. I have always wanted to go, especially since it’s not the most common places people travel to in Europe!



With my family being from England, of course I want to see where the roots are! There isn’t a specific place I would like to visit. I hope to one day see the cities to the country side.


Thank you, Outlander for fueling my desire to visit the Scottish Highlands and everything Scotland has to offer!



The culture, the architecture, the views – what more is there to say? Take me to Madrid!



The views of the Swiss Alps, just everything about Switzerland. More specifically take me to Bern. It looks jaw-dropping gorgeous.


Of course, a bucket list truly can’t be complete unless Bali is on it! The water, the everything.

New Zealand

Once, we had the opportunity to get a flight for $475 CAD round trip to Auckland. IF work didn’t get in the way, we would have had it! Kicking myself ever since. We will go one day & skydive over Mt.Doom!


It has been a dream since I was 16 to visit Australia. At the time, it was for the accents and Kangaroo’s. Maybe it’s still the same… can’t forget the weather of course!


All I see are these gorgeous pictures of friends globetrotting to all these places, Thailand being one of them! It seems to be one of the centres for budget travel! Once I’m there, I promise to provide worthy pictures and volunteer at the elephant sanctuaries

South Africa

There are many reason why I want to go to Africa. First and foremost, I would love to go to volunteer with an orphanage, school or to build housing. Second, I want to volunteer to help the wildlife conservatives and help those protect animals from poaching. I would also love to tour around and see what South Africa or Tanzania have to offer


Considering I took a semester of Russian in University, I would absolutely love to put those skills to the test in Russia! Moscow or St. Petersburg please.


I love the French Language. Montreal looks like a gorgeous part of this wonderful country that I get to call home.


Iceland has the perfect picturesque opportunities for nature, it seems! Let me explore you Iceland (Reykjavik)

Checked off the Bucket List
Ireland – Dublin and Galway
Czech Republic – Prague
Italy – Venice
France – Nice
USA – San Francisco

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