Down the Oregon Coast we go

This summer, we took our first road trip together down the Oregon Coast. Let me specify a little bit better, we decided to take a CAMPING road trip down the Oregon Coast.

An Oregon Coast Roadtrip

I was so excited for nice weather with it being summer and all. Anyway, we drove right through until almost Florence our first day. Reason being, every hotel and campsite was booked from Cannon Beach until Florence for some type of festival. (Please bear with my wonderful iPhone photo quality)

Hwy 101 - Oregon

Pit stops and lookout points

Fortunately, on the way down we stopped at a couple of places like Cannon Beach and another little beach where we stopped to have some ice cream. It was a stop to walk on the beach and take some pictures. Being able to walk along the ocean shore so close to home is fantastic.

Hwy 101 - Oregon Coast

Highway 101 provides so many lookout point and stunning views. That could also be why a drive that is supposed to be 5 hours takes 8.

And the Oregon Coast camping begins!

Our first camping stop was at the Honeyman State Park – walking distance to the sand dunes. The winds were blowing 40 km per hour, and boy was it chilly. I highly recommend staying here or in a state park, very nice bathrooms and showers!

Oregon Coast

We stopped here on the way back home as well and decided to splurge on some ATV’s for an hour. Renting ATV’s while in the Sand Dune area I would highly recommend to anyone.

sand dunes

Next stop was Harris Beach State Park in Brookings. This is the perfect stop prior to hitting California. The campsite is a minute walk from the beach. Brookings was a very foggy city! You couldn’t see too far ahead of you but it provided us with some unique photo opportunities.

hwy 101 oregon stop

In between Florence and Brookings, are amazing views. Arch Rock, lighthouses, some nice beaches. The best part of the views on the Oregon coast, the oceans rocky shores.

Oregon Coast

Our experience doing the Oregon Coast was amazing. A majority of the time, we were spending on views, sand boarding, lookout stops. There isn’t much else to say except that it was worth the time and the drive!

Coastal Views

Hwy 101 - Oregon Coast

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