A Day trip to Monte Carlo, Monaco

Nice, France is the hub of Day trips. Their public transit is affordable and takes you to so many village, cities and even another country – Monte Carlo, Monaco.

A Day trip to Monaco

The beautiful little country of Monaco

Monaco is a country in Europe bordering between France and Italy on the Mediterranean Coastline. It is very well known for its yachts, casinos, the Grand-Prix races and 007 Casino Royale. It has a population of almost 38,000 people and stretches 1.95 square kilometers – a more relatable size would be the size of New York’s Central Park.

Nice to Monte Carlo
Getting to Monte Carlo

The bus from Nice was about 45 minutes with to-die-for views of the French Riviera. You get dropped off around the centre of Monte Carlo with bustling tourists and astounding cars lining the streets. One of the bigger tourist attractions in Monte Carlo is the Casino de Monte-Carlo (The Monte Carlo Casino) which is where James Bond Casino Royale took place. However, there is also a casino for any tourist (of age) can go into – where you can gamble with “penny” machines and such vs the big bets at the fancy Casino.

The arrival & what to do

Monte Carlo

Walking down from the upper portion of Monte Carlo, to the water was more than we could expect. Fortunately, we had amazing weather of about 25 degrees Celsius when we went. We sat by the water and ate our lunch with our feet dangling in the water with fish swimming around them. It was an experience that we never had the opportunity of before. With this being one of our last stops of the trip, it was the perfect moment to not worry about anything and relax.

Fish in Monte Carlo

Fish in Monte Carlo

Another option if you don’t want to sit down at the beach to see a bunch of men in banana hammocks or topless women of all ages, you can sit up in one of the cafe’s and admire all of the BMW’s, Ferrari’s, Audi sports cars or even Lamborghini’s.

Monte Carlo^
Example: Banana Hammock views

A small note

One thing to note, Monte Carlo was very tourist heavy. There are cruise ships that dock there almost daily throughout the year. There are also many locals around in the less busy area’s. We found the beach to not be as busy as the streets around the casino’s.

Fish in Monte Carlo

I would highly recommend for anyone to spend a day travelling there, it is 100% worth your time! Hey, one other country to tick off the list!!


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