Dublin – The biggest Irish City

The land of the Irish and of course, can’t forget the leprechaun. This was our first, and last stop of our trip. This means it was also my first time in another continent, first stop in Europe and first time experiencing accents in their mainland.

A Backpackers First European Stop,

A European Welcome – Thanks to Dublin!

Our plane landed in Dublin at 7am after 20 hours of travelling and I was exhausted. The customs officer was asking me questions and I could not comprehend his accent! With my family being British, I had assumed because I could understand them fine, that I would understand Irish accents fine… NOPE!

Dublin Arrival

Hello Jetlag!

Our first day was spent sleeping in a hotel just outside city centre. It was a write off because we needed to get adjusted to the time difference and a good plan, because hotel bed over a bunk the first night. Best decision.

Dublin Castle

Day two we made it into the city and started our budget travel. We stayed in a 6 bed dorm at Abraham’s Hostel. Now, this was a our first experience in a hostel so bare with me. We had a solid group of people we were sharing a room with. Although, one thing about us, we don’t really party. If you are looking to find information on where the best club is – you won’t find it here. When you’re travelling on a budget you have to pick and chose what you find more important.

First experience wandering a European city

After a quick jet lag power nap, we decided to go wander around city centre. We walked along the River Liffey examining the oddity of Dublin! Driving… on the other side of the road.. We had thought we were going to crash a dozen times over on the bus to our Hostel. When crossing the street, absolutely no one waits for the ‘walk’ sign… ever. It took us a bit, but we began to catch onto those quirks so we didn’t completely stick out like a sore thumb being all touristy. We like to TRY to blend in a bit if possible.Castle Street

The plane cold

The worst thing happened on our first night sans jet lag (well worst for a beginner traveller like me). After wandering around, I noticed I started to come down with a cold. By 9pm that night I had it 100% and couldn’t even talk. We tried to meet some friends, but I was quite the buzzkill. All I wanted to do was sleep!

Despite the cold, we wanted to make the most of our time in Dublin. The next day, we took off to examine the city. From O’Connell Street down to the Temple Bar district to the Dublin Castle and Trinity College. We walked for hours and hours down the cobblestone streets and many different areas taking in all that we could before we took off.

We had only spent about 3 days in Dublin before jumping on a bus to Galway. Galway is a small county settled in the West Coast of Ireland. I will create a post later about our experience in Galway.

When we returned to Dublin, we decided to stay in a hotel (the same as our first night) so I could recover from the mega cold.

On a side note – One thing to expect in Dublin… the prices for things are kind of outrageous. Think of the same pricing as here in Canada, or even the US except have it in Euros. Yikes! Be prepared to spend a little bit more than you originally intend!

Colourful Castle Entrance

Overall, we had an amazing time exploring Dublin. From the classic Irish breakfast to the little streets and sites they have to offer. Every little bit is worth exploring! We hope to go back to see more that Dublin has to offer.

Dublin Streets

Ireland “Need to Knows”

If you are looking for some quick notes or an overview visit the Ireland page on my website. Here you will find average pricing, getting around and more. You can visit it either by clicking on the link or visiting the destinations page



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