a fairytale city

“Need to know’s”

Things to know before visiting Prague


Some restaurants in Prague accept Euros, however, they use the Czech Crown also called Koruna.
Coins: 1 kč, 2 kč, 5 kč, 10 kč, 20 kč and 50 kč
Bills/Banknotes: 100 kč, 200 kč, 500 kč, 1000 kč, 2000 kč, 5000 kč


Prague was one of the cheaper cities we visited in our 3 and a half week trip in Europe.
Beer: 50 Kč / 2.68 CAD / 2.06 USD / GBP / Euro
Pop: 75 kč / 4.02 CAD / 3.10 USD
Panino: 100 kč / 5.36 CAD / 4.13 USD
Hostel Dorm (Near Castle): 320-490 kč / 17.17-26.29 CAD / 13.21-20.23 USD
Tram/Bus: 25 kč / 1.34 CAD / 1.03 USD

These items are based off of an average price that we saw.
Ie. Beer was often between 50 kč and 75 kč. Pop between 75 kč and 100kč
**CAD and USD totals are based off of the exchange rate September 2016**

**1 czk = .05 CAD or 1 czk = .04 USD**

Language & Simple Phrases

The main language in the Czech Republic is Czech. However, many citizens know English, so there is nothing to worry about.
Hello (informal): Ahoj (Ahoy)
Yes/No: Ano (ah-no) /Ne (Neh)
How are you (informal): Jak se máš? (Yak seh mahsh)
Thank you: Děkuji (Dyekooyee)
Goodbye (informal): čau (chow)

Getting around


Public Washrooms

COST! Watch out, they generally charge 20 kč to 50 kč

Recommendation #1

Go to The Green Stove cafe! They are a small cafe with maybe 6-8 tables.
They have the kindest staff/owners and you get a good price! For 100-150 kč you can get a beer/pop and ‘Panino’ (Sandwich, basically a panini). We went almost every day. You can find it near the Prague Castle at Úvoz 169/6, 118 00 Praha 1-Malá Strana. They also have coffee and desserts for you to try in addition to their beer and panino.

Recommendation #2

If you didn’t read the blog post, would be to go to the Prague Castle at night. You will find yourself wandering the grounds with only a few people vs. the hoards of people during the day. In addition, also go on the Charles Bridge at night, with a beer, and listen to the music being played by local artists whilst taking in the views!