San Francisco in Less than 24 hours

Our visit in San Francisco was a complete flyby! We were literally there for less than 24 hours – I’d call it about 16 or 17 hours.

One Day in San Francisco

When we were originally looking at our timeline, we were wanting to make it to the Grand Canyon. Let’s just say that was absolutely shooting for the stars. I had never planned a road trip like that before, and to be quite frank – I suck at it. Here is an example of me “Oh no big deal it’s only a 8 to 9 hour drive”. HAH. One did not factor in gas stops, food or bathroom breaks.

Making our way into San Francisco

Driving into San Francisco

As we were driving towards the Golden Gate on hwy 101, we had a wonderful sunset and clear skies. When we were about 1 minute away from the bridge, you couldn’t see it. The wind was howling and rain began to pelt down. WELCOME TO SAN FRANCISCO! You know that sunny San Fran that you see in Full House or Princess Diaries (…I know I know…) anyway, didn’t expect the opposite.

Our luck of a bumpy start

Since I finally got to visit San Fran, I can’t really complain! Unfortunately, We could only find a “cheap” motel, which happened to be kinda sketch with street parking – only free until 8am. While we were parking, someone was shining a flashlight inside vehicles (Make sure to not leave any valuables of course). With 3 treks carrying our things into the motel, we decided to call it a night at 9pm.

The good bits

The next day, this is what our ‘site seeing’ consisted of. We checked out of our motel the next morning at 11am. We were going to get up and see if we could get any standby tickets to Alcatraz (NOTE: The tickets may appear to be sold out, however the ticket booth has about 50-100 standby tickets available if you want to wait in line at 5am prior to it opening at 7) except we decided to sleep in after a long day. I woke up a little earlier to go and wander a bit of what San Fran had to offer – okay, it was a nice little walk to the closest Starbucks in the morning sun.

Morning Walk

After we re-packed up the car, we decided to do possibly the quickest sightseeing that could possibly be done… via drive by – because why the hell not!

San Francisco in 2 hours

First stop:
Obviously the Full House house

Full House House
The Transamerica Pyramid

Transamerica Pyramid

Walked (half) of the Golden Gate bridge – the weather was foggy only by the bridge.

Taken mid-Golden Gate Bridge walk

From there, we had views of Alcatraz (mini views)

Golden Gate view of Alcatraz

Voila! That’s it and that’s all! Off we went to LA… another supposedly 5 hour drive turned into 7 or 8 hours

Golden Gate

What would have made this brief trip a bit better was if we had a bit more time to jump onto a cable car or down to the Fishermans wharf and the pier.

Needless to say – our trip down the coast was very rushed thinking we were going to make it to the Grand Canyon. If we knew that we were going to decide not to go, this would have been a lengthier visit to San Fran. MY MY MY, what a mistake. Meh, you learn from them. Travel isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.

Nonetheless, I really can’t complain! I still got to see San Francisco, and I didn’t have to spend a bunch of money on site-seeing either as it was all for free!


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